Visa Mastercard Swipe-Fee Lawsuit

UPDATE – Visa, Mastercard File $6.26 Billion Settlement in Card Swipe-Fee Lawsuit

This post was originally published on 7/12/18. UPDATE Since we last updated you on where things were standing with swipe-fee lawsuit against Visa and Mastercard, a new settlement was expected to be presented to the courts by the end of the year. As expected, Visa and Mastercard filed a new settlement agreement with the courts …

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Software User Experience F.I.T. Test

How F.I.T. is Your Payments User Experience?

Nothing stops your customer dead in their tracks like a poor user experience. If you enable end customers to pay within the platform you provide, an inelegant user experience can create a fragmented, confusing and inefficient experience for the end user. Considering this is the part of the process where they’re collecting revenue from their …

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New Visa Mandate for Purchase Returns

New Mandate for Visa Purchase Returns

The Difference Between Real-Time Purchases and Purchase Returns Considering all the real-time access to information consumers have at their fingertips, from the news of the minute to the current balance of their checking account, waiting for critical data beyond a few hours has become more the exception than the rule. Unfortunately, all things haven’t been …

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Why am I Not PCI Compliant?

Why am I Not PCI Compliant?!

What the Heck?! I Thought We Were PCI Compliant? Okay, answer honestly. Has that exclamation ever gone through your mind after noticing non-compliance fees on your healthcare organization’s merchant services bill? From our experience, this is often the point where one of two things happen. Scenario #1 – After a bit of shock, the customer …

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holiday fraud reminders

Holiday Fraud Reminders: How to Prevent Fraudulent Transactions and Chargebacks

***Update*** The 2018 holiday shopping season is quickly approaching, and since Friday (and for some Thursday) is the official kick-off, we thought it would be a great time to republish some helpful fraud and chargeback reminders. These are some great things to keep in mind, and they’re as important this year as they were last …

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Myth Busting: How Secure Are Your Card Not Present Transactions?

Understanding Card Not Present Transactions & Security Alright, here’s a little test to kick off your day. Take a look at the following picture. When keying in card not present transactions, this picture is proof of a secure transaction. True or false? Did you answer true? It looks secure, right? The credit card number is …

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Payments Health Check

Say Ahhh! It’s Time for Your Payments Health Check.

It’s easy to become complacent with the technology you use in your payments work flow. Often times, you’ve been using it for so long that you forget to see if there are ways to optimize. Unfortunately, those moments of review often come only when something blows up spectacularly such as a data breach, UX error…or …

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