CMS Price Transparency for Hospitals

2019 Brings Changes to Price Transparency for Hospitals

Well, 2019 has arrived and folks can’t stop talking about watching Bird Box over the holidays. I’ll admit, I lost my appetite for such apocalyptic entertainment after watching countless hours of the Walking Dead only to give up halfway through with no desire to see how it ends (unlike my still weekly contemplation on the …

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payment integration

Payment Integration: Is it Possible to Increase Revenue AND Keep Your Clients Happy?

Does your software platform enable payments for your clients? You could be missing an opportunity. These days, many software companies are looking for ways to not only add new revenue streams but also gain a competitive edge over their competitors. These organizations, often referred to as Independent Software Vendors (ISVs), could be missing out on …

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Propensity to Pay Payment Approach

Propensity to Pay: The Right Payment Approach at the Right Time

High medical bills and high deductible insurance plans challenge many patients, causing them to ask, “Who should I pay, and how am I going to keep up?” Well, there’s good news. Recent advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) are making it easier by using transactional and behavioral interactions to provide the right payment approach at the …

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Wind River Sift Healthcare Partnership to Optimize Revenue Cycle Management

We’re Joining Forces with Sift Healthcare to Optimize Revenue Cycle Management

Today marks a truly exciting time in Wind River’s history as we announce a key strategic partnership with Sift Healthcare. Personally, I’m really excited since I had the pleasure of meeting the Sift team prior to joining Wind River (Who starts working before their actual start date?), and I have been a strong advocate for …

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Visa Mastercard Swipe-Fee Lawsuit

UPDATE – Visa, Mastercard File $6.26 Billion Settlement in Card Swipe-Fee Lawsuit

This post was originally published on 7/12/18. UPDATE Since we last updated you on where things were standing with swipe-fee lawsuit against Visa and Mastercard, a new settlement was expected to be presented to the courts by the end of the year. As expected, Visa and Mastercard filed a new settlement agreement with the courts …

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