payment facilitation

Looking Back at PF World 2018

A few weeks ago, members of the Wind River Financial software partner team attended PF World 2018 in New York City. This one-day session brought together top thought leaders in payments and software to discuss payment facilitation, one of the hottest topics in the industry. Payment facilitation refers to an emerging payment integration model available …

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WRF Blog Update

Interchange and Network Fee Notification for Payment Processing – October 2018

There are typically a number of new and/or revised fee structures implemented bi-annually every April and October by Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover. Upon reviewing the announced changes from the card associations, Wind River Financial has concluded that none of the planned updates will have any meaningful impact on your merchant day-to-day transaction processing …

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Another Security Breach

Don’t Be Another Security Breach Headline

Between the extreme flooding in the Midwest and Florence hammering the eastern seaboard, it’s been a rollercoaster these past few weeks. Couple that with the yet another security breach hitting the news and it feels like everywhere we look, there’s another awful headline. In case you missed it, British Airways disclosed that 380,000 card payments …

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Limitations of the Agnostic Payment Model

Too Many Hands in the Cookie Jar

Limitations of the Agnostic Payment Model for Software Companies As we work with our software partners to implement integrated payment solutions that best fit the needs of both their software and their customers, we are finding that there is a particular philosophy that is pervasive amongst software platforms. This viewpoint (known as the agnostic payment …

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Proactive Service and the Rising Cost of Electronic Healthcare Payments

Stabilizing the Cost of Electronic Payments According to a recent survey by the 2018 Advisory Boards, 62 percent of health system CEOs are preparing their enterprises for more sustainable cost controls, and that includes turning an eye toward their payment processor. But what does it actually take to stabilize the cost of electronic payments? Electronic …

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