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Proof of our Promise: After the Handshake

How do you set yourself apart in an industry that is trending more and more towards commoditization and little towards service and customization? How do you stand out as a business of trust, integrity and service in an industry wrought with mistrust, little integrity and non-existent service?  Too often, businesses are asked to believe promises on blind trust when it comes to a credit card processor. At Wind River, we strive to set ourselves apart and rise above the industry average with our unique After the Handshake 7-point service promise. Recently, we received validation of our promise through an independent study of 225 local businesses that found us to be “Southern Wisconsin’s Leading Payment Processing Partner,” and we would like to share with you some of the exciting results!

The blind survey, conducted by Matousek & Associates out of Green Bay, scored processors on 19 service attributes. Business managers were asked to score their processor on a 1-7 scale for those 19 performance measures. Not only did Wind River clients express greater satisfaction on all 19 of these measures than non-Wind River clients, but in many cases, by significant margins! Some of our highest marks came from the attributes of Trustworthy 6.77/7.0 or 97th Percentile and Customer Service 6.63/7.0 or 95th Percentile, which directly echo our service promise, and my role.

Personally, as a Relationship Manager at Wind River, it felt good to receive these results. Every day, we make an effort to be an advocate for our clients in an industry that is not always clear cut. The fact that they appreciate that extra service we offer as part of our After the Handshake promise, such as proactively monitoring transactions and regularly reviewing their program, makes me feel that I’m doing my job. Some of the measurements that really resonated with me were the high marks on Involvement in the Local Community and being seen as a Partner instead of a Vendor, because that is what sets us apart. Many national processors that are headquartered across the country will contract sales associates in strategically placed geographic areas for a short period of time to make it appear that they have a local presence, but Wisconsin businesses know the difference, and this survey proves it.

See for yourself how other business owners rank Wind River by reviewing the survey results. You now know how much this survey resonates with us, but it’s more important that these results ring true with all of our clients. Let us know which of these attributes are most important to you and your business. Thanks to those businesses that may have participated in the survey and for being “The Most Satisfied Merchants in Southern Wisconsin.” Thank You!

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