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Managing Multiple Priorities!


Are you forever searching for that magic silver bullet that would allow you to find more time in the day! Shortly after the first of the year, fresh with our resolutions to improve our productivity; Wind River Financial engaged Sarah Gibson of Accent Learning and Consulting for some assistance with Managing Multiple Priorities. She was able to offer several ideas and methods. I thought I would share just one of her many helpful tips! Multi-tasking, the ability to do two high function activities at once, doesn’t make us more effective because most of us are only able to do one high level task and one low function task at a time – example: sharpening pencils (low) and holding a conversation (high). While we need to be effective at task-switching (going from one task to another), true multi-tasking is done well by only 2.5% of the population. · Each time we switch task, we risk losing 10-15 minutes getting back to the original task we were working on. Some ways to minimize these interruptions include: · Have team conversations around how each of you can best tell others know you are working a project that needs concentration. · Use your peak energy points (high energy times of day) to do work that requires concentration and creativity. Reserve these times on your calendar. · Set calendar appointments with yourself for long-term tasks that you easily put on the back burner because of interruptions. · Turn off your email pop-up notification during these times. As we all know there just isn’t one easy magic bullet. Hopefully you can incorporate these ideas to find more time in your work day! If you found this helpful or have other tips to share please leave a comment. If you would like more information please feel free to contact Sarah or me!

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