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What’s in the cards for 2015?

By now, most of you know that there is a fraud liability shift coming.  Specifically, if a fraudulent card is used at a merchant that is not equipped to support chip cards, the issuer of the card will no longer be liable and the merchant will become responsible for that liability.   This shift is scheduled to take place in October 2015, and we want to be your source for communication, education and your new equipment needs.

We look forward to working closely with all of our clients this year for a successful and smooth transition to chip card acceptance. With that in mind, let’s start here with a short video to understand the basics and the evolution of the credit card.

We will be here to help you along the way! In the meantime, you can always contact our friendly Relationship Managers if you have any questions, they can be reached by calling 1-800-704-7253, Option #4.

We are a member of the Electronic Transactions Association (ETA) who has created the video.


  1. Tom Wilson says:

    Dan, maybe I’m confused, but we’ve always be liable for any fraudulent transactions even when the bank provides an authorization code. Our business is e-Commerce or over the phone… never is their a card present as we’re not a retail location.

  2. Dan DeBraal says:

    We have had a couple of question about how EMV affects card not present transactions. The simple answer is it will not change the way you process card not present transactions, nor will it change the liability of a card not present transaction. EMV and its liability shift is only applicable in the card present (face to face) environment.

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