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Chargeback Refresher

As part of our recent Innovation Exchange and Open House Event, we created a chargeback quiz to help merchants think about chargebacks and how they impact their business. The quiz wasn’t designed to test what you know or don’t know about chargebacks, but rather to educate you and help you protect your business.

Want to test your knowledge? Take the short quiz click, here which will link you to SurveyMonkey.

During our Event, many participants took the quiz and found that there were several questions that stumped many people. So we thought of taking this as an opportunity to share our knowledge and educate more of our clients about chargebacks.

Once you have taken the quiz, you can click here to find the answers. We have highlighted the correct answers and added narrative for better clarity. Hopefully, this information will help you think about ways to protect your business from chargebacks.

If you have other questions about chargebacks, you can always contact me. Phone number 800 704-7253 ext. 6752 or btjugum@windriverfinancial.com.


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