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Do Your Friends Trust Your Recommendations? Let’s Find Out.

What do you do when you read a great new book or try out a new restaurant? You probably start talking about it, right?

Well if you’re going to tell your friends how awesome the book, restaurant, new gym or even a movie is, wouldn’t it be great if you could earn a little something in return?

I started with Wind River Financial as SVP of Sales & Marketing one month ago but before I even started the interviewing process, I started asking my friends if they knew Wind River and what their thoughts and experiences were.  I was amazed with the responses and even more amazed to find out that many of them were existing clients.

I heard several key themes:
• Great customer service
• Very knowledgeable
• Honest
• Professional
• Always available

Hearing my friends talk about Wind River Financial in such glowing terms made my decision to join the team an easy one.

I hope if I get the chance to talk with you, you will offer similar compliments.  If so, we have a new Client Referral Program created for happy customers just like you. (If you are not currently happy with our service, please stop reading this immediately and call or email me!)

So often we tell our friends about a great new book or an incredible new restaurant but we don’t always share referrals of great business partners.  We are hoping this new program will give you some additional incentive to do just that, refer us to other businesses you have connections with.

For each referral that “looks like you” that Wind River Financial (WRF) boards, you will receive a credit to your WRF related fees.  The credit is 20% of the referral’s WRF fees.  The bigger the referral, the greater the impact to you!  Card brand fees on your account will continue to be passed on to you at cost.  The credit is just our way of saying thank you!

What do you need to do?
Simply reach out to your Relationship Manager or myself via a phone call or email and let us know you would like to find out more about the program.

In my first month, I have had the chance to meet and talk to many great clients.  Just last week, I heard “Mike, I trust Wind River.  It feels great to know someone has my back.”  I followed with, “you mentioned that you receive 3-5 calls a week from other payment processors, and I am sure most businesses like you do as well.  How do you think Wind River should reach out to potential clients like you in such a noisy space?”  Her response was incredible.  She said, “Mike, I could be your cheerleader! You should hire me to be your independent consultant!”

What an amazing response!  Thank you Kim!  This new Client Referral Program is for you!

Michael Blang
Senior Vice President of Sales & Marketing
Wind River Financial
Direct (608) 442-6816

Please check out our program details in our Resource Library on our website www.WindRiverFinancial.com

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