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What Holiday Traditions Can Teach Us

Do you have a favorite holiday tradition? When I was growing up, we had a number of them. One of those traditions that may be familiar to you and your family is the hiding a particular item in the tree to be found by one of the waiting children.

This tradition always created a lot of excitement and a bit of competition to see who could find this special item. Not only did it add some fun, but the winner was given a special prize.

Though it’s origins are disputed, and whether it was a simple ornament or what has now become the “Christmas Pickle”, we all have things that we look forward to and that bring people we care about together.

Each tradition, at its source, has a story as to its origin and is meant to provide a sentiment, lesson, or meaning. Traditions are a way for us to remind ourselves of our stories and that is a great thing!

At this time of year as we think of traditions and family, it reminds me of another holiday story you may have heard.

The story is told of a woman who brought home a ham and was preparing it for Christmas Dinner. She proceeded to cut the last three inches of it off, before placing it in the oven to cook it. Her husband, watching on, asked “Why do you cut off the last three inches of the ham off? Is that so it cooks better in the middle?”

His wife paused a moment and then answered, “I don’t really know, that’s just what I’ve always done. I saw my mother doing that when I was a girl”. Later the in-laws arrived for Christmas dinner and the question was brought up: “Mum – why did you cut the last three inches of the ham off before placing it in the oven to cook?”

“I don’t really know”, her mother replied. “Your grandma used to do that – so it’s just something I’ve always done – there must be a reason for it!” Later the family all travelled to Grandma’s house to share Christmas tea. During a lul in the conversation, the wife asked her grandmother, “Grandma, why did you teach Mum to cut the leg of ham in half before cooking it?” “Well“, replied the grandmother, “when your mother was a girl, the only pan I had was very small and I couldn’t fit the whole ham in, so I had to cut the last three inches off.”

The point of the story is a good one. Sometimes we forget the reason we do certain things and do them simply because “that is the way we have always done it.”

One tradition we have at Wind River is to provide our customers with the “After the Handshake Promise.” Our goal is to provide you with the best service in the Industry and keep your program running at is best.

Like the Tradition of the Pickle, you have rewarded us. We are proud to say that again this year, we have maintained our Industry leading retention rates. We are so very thankful to those that are our customers and look forward to expanding our family by introducing more customers to that tradition.

Like the story of the Christmas Ham, we also do not want to simply “do things the way we have always done them” without asking “How can we improve what we are doing?”.

As we look towards 2017, we want to expand our conversations with you. We want to learn more about your business and explore ways we can expand After the Handshake to make your lives better.

We look forward to continuing to share the Wind River tradition with you. May you all have a great Holiday Season and we look forward to a great 2017!

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