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WRF Director of Risk Management – “Is Health Care Ready for the Next Big Data Breach?”

As Wind River’s Director of Risk Management, Doug Buan understands data security and the dangers stemming from a data breach in intricate detail. His 23 years of experience encompass everything from law enforcement to retail loss prevention to fraud investigation. With that history comes a complex understanding of how to better manage data risk and mitigate security weaknesses.

Since joining our team, Doug has been using his expert knowledge to educate health care organizations about the risks associated with data breaches, especially in terms of the loss of sensitive patient financial information.

Recently, Doug contributed an article for the Healthcare Financial Management Association (HFMA). His article asks the question of whether health care is ready for the next big data breach. It’s a vital question. Back in 2017, approximately 5.6 million patient records were put at risk due to data breaches. With each ongoing year, the health care industry becomes a more and more enticing target for hackers. This fact ensures that data security needs to be an absolute top priority for these organizations.

In the article, Doug lays out security practices for how health care organizations can better protect themselves from a breach. The core concept comes down to implementing a Security First mindset. By shifting to focus on security above all else, IT departments and executives will be able to react quickly and strategically to any threat to their organization’s data while still meeting the PCI compliance framework.

If you’d like to read more about Doug’s strategy, make sure to check out the full article over on HFMA.org.

Small Business Saturday – The Movement

Small Business Saturday November 25, 2017

In 2010, Small Business Saturday (SBS) was founded in effort to bring awareness to small businesses in America. American Express originally incentivized consumers to shop locally, however SBS has since outgrown these roots. While it is still a registered trademark of the American Express Corporation, it has now evolved into a powerful movement.

As the program continues to shift and became more prominent over the years, SBS has taken a life of its own. Anchored between Black Friday and Cyber Monday, Small Business Saturday is now widely recognized and as each year passes consumers are showing an increase in spending and involvement.

In 2016 more consumers visited local independent businesses on Small Business Saturday than ever before. An estimated 112 million shoppers showed their support based on the data released by the National Federation of Independent Business.

This powerful movement has even spread overseas as the UK adopted the shopping holiday by dedicating a day to encourage consumers to shop local and support small businesses in their communities.

As the SBS movement continues to build, American Express continues to help fuel the momentum. Their website provides free customizable marketing materials for physical locations, online shops as well as social media (https://www.americanexpress.com/us/small-business/shop-small/promote).

So kick off your holiday shopping by showing your support for small businesses near you! Make sure you document your shopping trip via social media and use #SmallBusinessSaturday to helps spread awareness!

For more information and ways to get involved, follow the link below:


Championship Golf for Worthy Causes: A Win-Win for Charities and Fans

The American Family Insurance Championship’s return to Madison’s University Ridge Golf Course, June 19-25, offers golf fans a great opportunity to watch pros from across the PGA Champions tour compete on one of the Midwest’s premier courses. The tournament also provides a number of charities throughout the region with much needed support and donations.

Proceeds from last year’s event resulted in $1,089,000 in donations to 33 local charities, and this year’s event promises to deliver – and possibly surpass – what was a banner year for giving to these local organizations.

The 2017 AmFam Championship will benefit:
• Steve Stricker American Family Insurance Foundation
• American Family Children’s Hospital
• The First Tee of South Central Wisconsin
• Second Harvest Foodbank of Southern Wisconsin
• American Cancer Society
• Balance & Believe Foundation
• Big Brothers Big Sisters of Dane County
• Boys & Girls Club of Dane County
• Bridge Lake Point Waunona Neighborhood Center
• Children’s Dyslexia Center
• Cover Me Veterans
• Domestic Abuse Intervention Services
• East Madison Community Center
• Edgerton Community Outreach
• The First Tee of South Central Wisconsin
• Gio’s Garden
• Goodman Community Center
• Habitat for Humanity of Dane County
• Happy Kids Network
• Jockey Family Foundation
• KOJO Productions
• Madison 4 Kids
• Madison Reading Project
• Middleton Outreach Ministry
• Mike Muranyi Junior Golf Foundation
• Monsignor Thomas F. Campion Charitable Fund
• The River Food Pantry
• Second Harvest Foodbank
• Southwestern Wisconsin Community Action Program
• Sun Prairie Community Schools
• Timothy W. Finchem The First Tee Scholarship
• Tri 4 Schools
• United Way of Dane County
• VSA Wisconsin
• Waunakee Community School District
• Wisconsin PGA Junior Foundation
• YMCA of Dane County

Wind River Financial is proud to partner with American Family Insurance in sponsoring this unique event that gives back to the community and supports such worthy causes, all while bringing championship golf to our region.
To learn more about the causes the AmFam Championship supports, visit the event website.

Big Changes for Accepting MasterCard – Action Required

There are some important changes coming to MasterCard this year regarding their BIN ranges and it affects any business that wishes to accept their card types.

What is a BIN range? BIN stands for Bank Identification Number and it’s the first six digits on a credit card that is used to identify the specific bank that issued the card and to route each sale correctly.

Why is this important? Coming soon in 2017, MasterCard is introducing a whole new BIN range starting with the number 2 (222100-272099). Traditionally all MasterCard credit lines have started with the number 5 so this will be a huge update for all types of softwares, point-of-sale (POS) systems or terminals that want to accept this very popular card type. If a system cannot identify this new valid BIN range, the card will reject and loss of sale/customer is at risk along with potential penalties from MasterCard.

What do I need to do? In preparation for these new BIN ranges from MasterCard, all merchants must review their payment systems to ensure the latest updates are installed by June 30, 2017. Doing this will allow the new MasterCards to be accepted at your business without incident. Follow specific direction below for your environment:

  • Virtual Terminal through Wind River – if you utilize a virtual terminal through Wind River such as TrustCommerce, NMI or Paytrace, no action is needed – all updates have already been completed to accept the MasterCard BIN ranges.
  • Terminals – In the case that a business is operating on an older terminal (“End of Life” Equipment/No longer manufactured), you will need to replace it. If you are unsure, contact Wind River and we can either order you an updated terminal or simply update the software inside the terminal if applicable. Please call us at 1-800-704-7253 x6828 to discuss.
  • POS or Software – If you work with a POS or specific software at your business, contact your reseller to verify that your system will be able to support the new MasterCard BINs.
  • E-Commerce – If you accept payments through your website contact your shopping cart provider or your website provider.

We want our clients to avoid any potential fines from MasterCard at all costs so if you are unsure on next steps or simply have a question, please call and speak to one of our Relationship Managers at 1-800-704-7253 x6828 or email us at info@windriverfinancial.com. We’d be glad to help walk you through your options. For more information regarding this change from MasterCard, please visit MasterCard’s website directly here.

Wind River Helps the Y to “Play It Forward”

At Wind River Financial we believe it’s important to be an active part of our community whether it’s giving our time volunteering or participating in local charity events. Each year we look to support local efforts that are in line with the goals and values of our family business. That is why it was important for us to participate as one of this year’s “Play it Forward” sponsors of Madison’s Zimbrick Family Eve event. Zimbrick Family Eve is a popular New Year’s Eve family-friendly celebration that started 25 years ago as “Firstar Eve.” It’s become one of Madison’s time-honored community celebrations in that it includes activities and entertainment for everyone to enjoy on New Year’s Eve.

 As a Play it Forward sponsor, Wind River Financial was tasked with giving away 150 tickets to the Zimbrick Eve event. We wanted to choose a local partner that is both family-orientated and supports children’s programs which is why we immediately thought of the YMCA of Dane County. Knowing how much The Y has done for our community by promoting programs that support active and healthy lifestyles for children and families, it was an easy choice donating our tickets to their cause.  Currently the Y is promoting their Y5210 healthy living guidelines for kids which is an awareness program branded at the YMCA and growing rapidly in popularity and success throughout schools in the US. The program’s goal is to encourage children to have the following daily: 5 fruits and veggies, no more than 2 hours of screen time, at least 1 hour of physical activity and 0 sugar sweetened drinks.  Wind River strongly identifies with the goals of the Y5210 program and other programs the YMCA is currently promoting to help kids be active and live a healthier lifestyle.  We believe together we can help make a difference, one child at a time.

If you’re looking for a family-friendly New Year’s Eve celebration this year, look no further than Zimbrick Family Eve. The event takes place at Monona Terrace and KEVA Sports Center and will include a circus area, animals from Henry Vilas Zoo, Glen Gerard Magic Shows, Bubble Wonders and so much more! The event starts at 5pm and goes until 9pm. For more information, check out Zimbrick Family Eve online at zimbrickfamilyeve.com.



Shop Local, Spend Local, Enjoy Local!

Small Business Saturday November 26, 2016

Everyone is ‘Showing Their Love’ for small businesses!

Small Business Saturday (SBS) was founded in 2010 in an effort to bring awareness and consumer dollars to small businesses during one of the busiest shopping season of the year. According to a SBS Consumer Insights Survey, consumers spent $16.2 billion in 2015 (up 14% from in 2014) “shopping small” at independently owned small businesses on this day! It is a day that communities come together to celebrate and show support of their local businesses.

Surprisingly, big businesses are supporting the small businesses! Forbes mentions that many big businesses understand that their customers are all the small businesses, from vendors to technology partners. There is a steady increase in their support and are proud to ‘show their love’ for the small businesses from social media to in-store specials and more!

Below is a link to show all the ways you can participate and prepare for Small Businesses Saturday and make the most of the season, or how to make the buying experience for your customers special:

Click here or go to:  https://www.sba.gov/about-sba/sba-initiatives/small-business-saturday

Big retailers get Black Friday and online retailers get Cyber Monday…..now Small Businesses have Small Business Saturday! So get out, shop and dine at your favorite small business and enjoy the unique products and foods that they offer with the extraordinary service they all strive for, and Show Your Love!!!

Some Thoughts From A New Veteran

Each year Veterans Day reminds us about the past, present and future of this great country. This country’s foundation of freedom was solidified by the signatures on the Declaration of Independence. Since then millions of veterans have put their signature on a contract with the United States to protect that same foundation of freedom. On this day, like every other day, we extend our thanks to those that have served and those that currently serve. But I, as a veteran, on behalf of all veterans would like to extend a “thanks” to those that have been standing with us throughout the years.

To further this thank you I turn to former President of the United States: Abraham Lincoln,

“Honor to the soldier and sailor everywhere, who bravely bears his country’s cause. Honor, also, to the citizen who cares for his brother in the field and serves, as he best can, the same cause.”

We thank our families, friends, and all American citizens for your support, encouragement, and generosity. We thank you because you help strengthen our own personal foundation. Without your time, energy, love, care and gratitude we would not be the veterans we are today. It is an honor to serve this great country and an honor to serve the citizens of the United States of America.

Finally from one veteran to all other veterans, I extend a thank you to my brothers and sisters in arms from the past, those currently serving today, and those who will put their signature on the dotted line in the future. Happy Veterans Day!

Don Driver
United States Army

Don is the son of Wind River’s Dennis Driver and his wife Theresa.

Understanding Before Engagement

“Seek first to understand, then to be understood”. – Covey

If only I can increase engagement my customers will be more loyal, visit my store more and stay longer and my revenues will go up! Increasing engagement is the panacea for retail – a fully engaged customer generates a 23% premium (Gallup). We need to get some of that!

Engagement is tricky though. It only happens when the experience is:

  • Immersive (I am focused and involved)
  • Interesting (I am passionate and enthusiastic)
  • Actionable – Generates action or activation (I will behave in a certain way)

The reward is high, but the risk is high as well. If I create an experience that bombards my customers with offers just because they walked in the store, or the customer can’t tailor the experience to match their interests, or it is cumbersome and time consuming to obtain value – then I can lose customers, loyalty and trust very, very quickly.

Engagement doesn’t just happen. In order to create that experience that is Immersive, Interesting and Actionable, I really need to know more about my customers or attendees. Creating a truly engaging experience requires planning. Understanding my customer’s behavior is essential!

I have a very detailed understanding of my customers digital-world behavior. Google Analytics has long been the standard to tell me sites my customers visit, what pages they visited, in what order they visited those pages, how long did they stay and how many times did they come back. With this information I can then tailor relevant content and create that engaging, more personal experience.

Now my customers are mobile, 70% of them are showrooming in my store and 30% of all sales are mobile. How do I capture their attention in the store and create that engaging experience? Well, before you go and create some very cool, flashy engagement app – seek first to understand your customers behavior today. What are your customers doing in your location today? What action do you want them to take? How and when should I deliver content?

Seek first to understand your customer AND THEN create a very cool, interesting, more personal and actionable experience for your customers. AND THEN sales will go up!

To find out how to understand your customer better and then create engaging experiences plan to attend one of my sessions at the Wind River Innovation Exchange and Client Appreciation Event on September 8.  Look for your invitation via Constant Contact email later this week.  The event will be hosted at the Wind River office location.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Guest Blogger and upcoming Speaker Liz Eversoll

Why are our businesses still talking about Millennials?

47% of the full-time US workforce is under 34 years old. Almost half of our employees, and therefore customers, are Millennials. While many businesses thought Millennials would “grow up” and adapt the ways of Boomers and Xers, Millennials continue to revolutionize how we do business.

Take for example, the idea of owning or purchasing items. According to a 2016 Goldman Sachs Global Investment Research study, Millennials prefer Access to possessions, but have less need for Ownership. Author and economist, Jeremy Rifkin, agrees saying, “25 years from now, car sharing will be the norm, and car ownership an anomaly.” That’s certainly not a Boomer or Xer norm, but it is something Millennials view as completely possible and normal.

Other ways Millennials are revolutionizing our economy include where they gather information about purchasing decisions. The same Goldman Sachs study cited 34% of those 18-34 turn to social media to help them make purchasing decisions. They use social media to ask for other’s opinions and to do their research. Millennials are also much more likely to purchase online.

The business world is changing, from buying habits to employee work norms, thanks to the Millennials. So if you are still talking about Millennials in the workplace – that’s good! If you aren’t, then you need to be.

Join me at Wind River Financial’s Innovation Exchange and Client Event on Sept. 8, to learn more about the impact of Millennials on the workplace.

Entrepreneur, author, speaker, guest blogger and upcoming speaker Sarah J. Gibson, founder of Accent Learning and Consulting.

Author of Geezer. Punk. Whatever.

What You Need to Know about Loyalty, You Learned as a Kid!

Seems like wherever you look these days, you’ll read a headline about customer engagement, enhancing customer loyalty, elevating the customer experience or something similar. It’s all very interesting but how do you cut through the clutter to really understand how these strategies apply to your business?

Customer loyalty can seem very daunting, but in my 20+ years of helping companies build relationships with customers, I have found that many loyalty truths actually were instilled in us as kids. We all remember “Mom-isms” – you know, phrases like “if everyone else jumped off a bridge, would you?” or “if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.” But did you know that both are key customer loyalty tenets!

Another loyalty principle is based on the 5-Second Rule. For those who may not be familiar, the 5-Second Rule is the kid’s code of conduct for eating something that had dropped on the floor. If you pick it up within five seconds, it’ll be safe from germs. This rule typically applied only to M&M’s or Cheetos or something equally tasty. It definitely did NOT apply to broccoli or peas!

To find out how these and other lessons can help you grow your business, plan to attend one of my sessions at the Wind River Innovation Exchange and Client Appreciation Event on September 8.

We’ll be discussing what the 5-Second Rule, Jumping off a bridge, and other childhood-isms teach us about engaging with our customers and building their loyalty.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Guest Blogger and upcoming Speaker Vicki L. James