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Interchange and Network Fee Notification for Payment Processing – April 2018

Effective April 1, 2018, there are a number of new and revised interchange and network fee structures being implemented by VISA, MasterCard and Discover Card. Wind River Financial believes in transparency of all association fees applicable to your merchant processing costs, so we will be passing through these new fees with no mark-ups or changes. …

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Open Opportunity: Better AR Tools Drive Customer Stickiness

We’re hearing a similar tune from many ERP systems and various vertical management software companies we speak with regarding electronic payments. They are constantly looking for ways to differentiate their products, all while creating more stickiness within their client relationships. One such way that these platforms are taking an opportunity to evaluate this is through …

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Seriously, What Are My Odds of a Data Breach?

Unfortunately, your chances of experiencing a data breach are growing each year. In fact, the trends and shifts in awareness pertaining to data security are frightening to watch unfold. I read a recent study that polled adults in the US, UK and Australia that asked if the number of criminals trying to steal personal information …

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Are You Aware the VISA Dispute Process is Changing?

Visa: Dispute Resolution Update Chargebacks are part of a decades-old process that hasn’t changed much since its inception in the mid-70’s. While adequate for its time, the existing system is not flexible enough to handle the volume and complexity of the contemporary payments industry. As of April 15, 2018, Visa is attempting to streamline and …

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Is Being PCI DSS Compliant the Same as Being Secure?

Is Being Compliant the Same as Being Secure?

I was reading a study published by Javelin the other day, and a few details really stood out to me. “The rise of information available via data breaches is particularly troublesome for the industry and a boon for fraudsters.” (Al Pascual, Senior Vice President, Research Director and Head of Fraud with Javelin Strategy & Research) …

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7 out of 10 patients preferred providers that accepted their healthcare payment on mobile

Take Action on Healthcare Payment Trends

In the ever-changing world of healthcare, we’ve seen several new trends emerging when it comes to how patients pay their medical bills and how providers process and collect these payments. For example, according to a recent survey published in Becker’s ASC Review, more than 95 percent of patients said they’d pay online if given the …

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URGENT, You Do NOT Need to Read This!

We Already Have You Covered You may have heard about a global issue in which Google researchers found unfixable vulnerabilities in commonly used encryption protocols. You may have also heard that, as a result, the PCI Council has delisted the vulnerable encryption protocols from being used for credit card processing. However, you may not understand …

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Improved Revenue Cycle Management

Improved Revenue Cycle Management Starts at the End

How simple, intuitive, patient-friendly payment options can impact your RCM When it comes to keeping the financial systems of a healthcare organization stable and efficient, revenue cycle management (RCM) is key. RCM is a pivotal, long-term process that can track patient episodes from appointment scheduling all the way to the payment of the final balance …

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