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RSVP Requested: Innovation Event – September 8th

Come have some FUN with us!

Be sure to RSVP to our Innovation Event!  We promise it won’t be like any other “open house” or “client event” you’ve ever attended.  We’ve been planning this for months, and hope to make it a very unique and interesting evening.  And did we mention FUN!?!

Come learn how to increase your store sales by using engagement – it isn’t all about social media.  Learn some great engagement techniques to use in your own staff meetings as well!

What about getting more customers in the door?   We have a couple of fantastic speakers who are going to share practical advice you can use at your business.

Don’t forget about the food, drinks and giveaways (really nice ones!) We also have some fun things for you to experience, including a drone demonstration by the Middleton Fire Department, workplace wellness ideas, a cash recycler, and a virtual receptionist.  And of course, we’ll have tours of our new building and growing prairie!

We’re also prepared to share our own expertise when it comes to credit card processing, so we’ll have plenty of “expert booths” to visit – Chargebacks, PCI, EMV, and Cybersecurity, to name a few.

We’re determined to make this a special event for our clients and partners.  We hope you’ll stop by and share in our Innovation and Client Appreciation Event.

RSVP here or by going to www.wrfInnovationExchange.com


Understanding Before Engagement

“Seek first to understand, then to be understood”. – Covey

If only I can increase engagement my customers will be more loyal, visit my store more and stay longer and my revenues will go up! Increasing engagement is the panacea for retail – a fully engaged customer generates a 23% premium (Gallup). We need to get some of that!

Engagement is tricky though. It only happens when the experience is:

  • Immersive (I am focused and involved)
  • Interesting (I am passionate and enthusiastic)
  • Actionable – Generates action or activation (I will behave in a certain way)

The reward is high, but the risk is high as well. If I create an experience that bombards my customers with offers just because they walked in the store, or the customer can’t tailor the experience to match their interests, or it is cumbersome and time consuming to obtain value – then I can lose customers, loyalty and trust very, very quickly.

Engagement doesn’t just happen. In order to create that experience that is Immersive, Interesting and Actionable, I really need to know more about my customers or attendees. Creating a truly engaging experience requires planning. Understanding my customer’s behavior is essential!

I have a very detailed understanding of my customers digital-world behavior. Google Analytics has long been the standard to tell me sites my customers visit, what pages they visited, in what order they visited those pages, how long did they stay and how many times did they come back. With this information I can then tailor relevant content and create that engaging, more personal experience.

Now my customers are mobile, 70% of them are showrooming in my store and 30% of all sales are mobile. How do I capture their attention in the store and create that engaging experience? Well, before you go and create some very cool, flashy engagement app – seek first to understand your customers behavior today. What are your customers doing in your location today? What action do you want them to take? How and when should I deliver content?

Seek first to understand your customer AND THEN create a very cool, interesting, more personal and actionable experience for your customers. AND THEN sales will go up!

To find out how to understand your customer better and then create engaging experiences plan to attend one of my sessions at the Wind River Innovation Exchange and Client Appreciation Event on September 8.  Look for your invitation via Constant Contact email later this week.  The event will be hosted at the Wind River office location.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Guest Blogger and upcoming Speaker Liz Eversoll

Don’t Miss Out! September 8th is Coming Soon!

Have you saved September 8th on your calendar yet? That’s the date of our Innovation Exchange and Open House, and we’ve planned an exciting event that you won’t want to miss!

We’ve lined-up three, exceptional Guest Speakers who will share their expertise on topics that are changing the business landscape – understanding Millennials, Customer Engagement, and Loyalty. These experts will hold 30-minutes sessions where they’ll offer their insights, and answer questions. While you’re here you can also grab a beverage and some tasty food! Plan to travel around our building and grounds, you will find some other topics and innovations that can be very “rewarding”.

Have you ever wondered, “Do I really need to have someone watch the front door when guests or delivery people arrive?” Check out the Virtual Receptionist we hired for our new office!

Have you ever wanted to see how a Drone works? Learn how the Middleton Fire Department is incorporating a Drone into keeping us safe. Get up close and see how it is done! Amazing how this innovation is making an impact all around us including Fire Protection and Safety.

Be sure to check out our specialty booths where you can “Ask the Expert” about topics including: Breach Insurance, How to use your own data to provide Insights into your sales and profitability, questions about EMV and Chargebacks, processing those payments using countertop terminals, iPads, mobile, virtual and POS systems.

Have you actually been inside your bank or credit union lobby lately? If not, you might be interested in seeing a Cash Recycler in action. Innovation that allows the customer interaction to change the way bankers do their business.

Interested in understanding how using WiFi and Beacons to impact your business? Beacon technology will be in use, allowing us to demonstrate how it works! You will be part of the experience and get to see what insights it can bring!

Of course we are planning all the extras that make it fun including Prize Drawings, Door Prizes and Prairie Tours for nature lovers! Wellness ideas and Social Media fun too!

We look forward to entertaining and hosting you for the evening and hope you can join us. Invitations will be sent the week August 15th via Constant Contact. Look for yours!


What You Need to Know about Loyalty, You Learned as a Kid!

Seems like wherever you look these days, you’ll read a headline about customer engagement, enhancing customer loyalty, elevating the customer experience or something similar. It’s all very interesting but how do you cut through the clutter to really understand how these strategies apply to your business?

Customer loyalty can seem very daunting, but in my 20+ years of helping companies build relationships with customers, I have found that many loyalty truths actually were instilled in us as kids. We all remember “Mom-isms” – you know, phrases like “if everyone else jumped off a bridge, would you?” or “if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.” But did you know that both are key customer loyalty tenets!

Another loyalty principle is based on the 5-Second Rule. For those who may not be familiar, the 5-Second Rule is the kid’s code of conduct for eating something that had dropped on the floor. If you pick it up within five seconds, it’ll be safe from germs. This rule typically applied only to M&M’s or Cheetos or something equally tasty. It definitely did NOT apply to broccoli or peas!

To find out how these and other lessons can help you grow your business, plan to attend one of my sessions at the Wind River Innovation Exchange and Client Appreciation Event on September 8.

We’ll be discussing what the 5-Second Rule, Jumping off a bridge, and other childhood-isms teach us about engaging with our customers and building their loyalty.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Guest Blogger and upcoming Speaker Vicki L. James