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Visa Alert: Micros Users – Please Take Action

Wind River Financial would like to notify customers using Micros POS systems about an alert transmitted by Visa related to a potential breach and possible ongoing security concerns for merchants such as food and beverage establishments, hotels, and retailers using Micros hardware, software, and/or POS systems.  The alert provided by Visa explains the potential breach in detail and provides various Indicators of Compromise (IOC) that can be used to help search computer networks for the presence of potentially related malicious POS software or network communications with known or suspected criminal controlled web servers. 

We recommend that this information be forwarded to any internal or external IT support your business may have due to its technical nature.  Other proactive steps that can be taken are to change and strengthen passwords that Micros remote support (including any 3rd party providers) may use to support your onsite Micros systems, and to change and strengthen any passwords your business may use if you access Micros support online.  As an additional precaution, we recommend that any communications supposedly coming from Micros (or 3rd party Micros provider) be assessed for authenticity – especially if they request any type of confidential information or direct your business to make network changes.

Please note that this is the extent of the information available at this time.   Wind River Financial will continue to monitor the situation and provide updated industry intelligence as it becomes available.  Customers using Micros systems should contact their dealer/reseller/POS hardware provider with any related questions.

Alert from Visa


EMV Acceptance: what we are seeing, reading and hearing.

I want to circle back and share an update with you on what we have been experiencing since the October shift in liability so that you might have an idea of where you fit in the process.

Thirty seven percent of U.S. merchant locations are fully equipped for EMV card acceptance, narrowly missing a projected 40% rate of deployment predicted by management consulting firm Strawhecker Group, according to recently published research.

Wind River definitely experienced the push in countertop terminal purchases late last fall in anticipation of the October 1, 2015 start date of the liability shift. That was quite a challenge as suppliers struggled to keep up with the demand!

Our counter top sales continue to be brisk as those clients who had decided to wait until after the holiday crush are converting. Many clients are also finding that their older terminals will “end of life” and no longer be supported with help desk assistance and software updates as suppliers are focusing their resources on newer secure EMV compliant terminals. Opting to avoid a crisis situation, they are purchasing now.

We agree, now is a great time to purchase a new EMV counter top card ready terminal. Chip cards are becoming pretty prevalent as you may have noticed from your customers. Also, as mentioned in a previous blog, these new terminals will also allow you to easily accept payment from your customers who are using their mobile wallet in their smartphone. We are offering installment purchase payments over three months which even makes it easier on your wallet.

While counter top terminals are being deployed now, EMV migration has been slower for integrated POS systems and equipment suppliers that support those systems are still working through EMV development and certification testing. We are watching the pipeline of certifications almost daily and are in contact with our clients to help them navigate the path forward. We want to be a resource to you and your POS vendor as this process continues to unfold, so don’t hesitate to contact us.

We realize this is a transition for everyone and we want to be supportive.  It is an honor being a resource to you when it comes to this part of your business. Let us relieve your worry, offer you solutions and assist you in serving your customers’ payment needs.

Client Care Team

info@WindRiverFinancial.com or 800-704-7253 option 4.

New Visa Mandate for Merchants Using POS Providers

Visa recently issued a new mandate related to merchants that use service providers to install and maintain point-of-sale (POS) systems and software within the merchant environment.  Examples of merchants that often use these types of POS providers include food and beverage establishments, lodging, pharmacies, or other industries that benefit from specialized computer integrated POS systems.

A recent trend has indicated that hackers target POS providers.  Because POS providers often maintain remote access to the POS systems within their business customer merchant locations, hackers are using this remote access to install malicious software at the merchant locations.  The software ultimately steals credit card data from the merchant locations.

Related to this trend, Visa is initiating the following mandate:

As of January 31, 2017, merchants must use POS providers that are Qualified Integrator & Reseller (QIR) certified.

The QIR Certification Program is designed to help POS providers better understand data security responsibilities and practices within the payments system.  If your business experiences a credit card related data breach as the result of using a POS provider that is not QIR certified after January 2017, it’s possible that Visa will levy additional fines to your business.

To confirm if your provider is QIR certified, please reference the official list here. Note that because this is a new program, that most POS providers are not yet certified. We expect the list from Visa to expand throughout the year.

If this Visa mandate applies to your business, we recommend that you contact your POS provider to inquire as to when they intend to obtain the Qualified Integrator & Reseller Certification in order to beat the January 2017 deadline.  This blog can also be forwarded to them for information.

Note: This mandate is applicable only to merchants that use specialized computer integrated POS systems and software installed and serviced by a third party.  It is not applicable to merchants that use only telephone or IP connected table top terminals, virtual terminals, wireless terminals, mobile payment acceptance, or cell phone or tablet dongles obtained from Wind River Financial.

Change: Changing your processing method, accounting software or financial institution?

Just because you are changing a process or providers within your business or organization, it doesn’t mean you cannot continue to work with Wind River Financial.

On occasion, we hear from clients that are closing their account that they were told by the vendor or financial institution that they could not continue to process with Wind River. This isn’t always true because our solutions work with all kinds of systems and software and we can partner with any financial institution.

So, before you change or are considering it, contact us. Let’s talk about what you are doing or thinking and we will help you find the best solution. We can even call your vendor and work out the details as we can “speak their language”!

As always, After the Handshake, let us share our business expertise that you can use in meaningful and profitable ways.